4x4 Gear  &  Recovery Gear

At Custom Auto Electrics we are able to source some well priced, top quality, reliable recovery gear and general 4x4 gear for your next adventure. This includes, straps, jacks, winches, air compressors, fridges, shovels, saws, battery boxes, jump starters, camping lights, floor mats and even an action camera.

Our main brands of 4x4 gear are "Thunder" and "Hulk". If we don't have it in stock it is generally available at the local warehouse.

If you are looking for switches, accessory sockets and the like, check out Thunder Accessories page here.

Thunder  12 Volt - 12,500lb Winch (TDR02125) & Thunder  12 Volt -  9,500lb Winch (TDR02095)

The Thunder winch range has a water-proof planetary gearbox with either a 6 or 6.8 horsepower motor. This offers high power, with lower current draw. Thicker torsion bars help alleviate the risk of your winch binding up in high torque situations. Supplied with genuine Dyneema® rope, clevis hook, a wired and wireless remote and standard fairlead.

The 12,000LB winch 11mm x 24m Dyneema rope and the 9,500LB winch utilises the 9.5mm x 26m Dyneema rope.

Dyneema rope (synthetic rope) is used to reduce total weight and is a safer alternative to traditional cable. It also can float on water.

Thunder winches can be operated in the most adverse conditions. A winch mounting bracket is available for mounting to aluminium bull bars or where additional chassis support is required.

  • Weight - 32kg

Thunder Winch Accessories

  • Dyneema Rope 9.5mm x 26m (TDR02095R)
  • Dyneema Rope 11mm x 24m (TDR02125R)
  • Standard Fairlead (TDR02300)
  • Offset Fairlead (TDR02301)
  • Winch Mount Bracket (TDR02302)

Dyneema Rope is a replacement part for Thunder winches or can be a retrofit to cable style winches with the addition of a replacement fairlead (roller fairleads are not to be used with Dyneema Rope).

Hulk High Lift Jack (HU1010)

  • 1750kg Working Load Limit
  • 1032mm Maximum Lift Height
  • 98cm Minimum Lift Height
  • AS/NZ 2693:2007 Vehicle Jacks

Hulk High Lift Jack Accessories

  • Jack Bumper Lift Kit (HU1010-BL)
    • Used for lifting from bumpers or bull bars
  • Jack Wheel Lift Kit (HU1010-WL)
    • Used to lift from wheel
    • Soft coated hooks help protect wheels
  • High Lift Jack Base (HU1010B)
    • A stable platform for use in sand or mud
    • Strong but lightweight, Fits most jacks
    • Recess size 185mm x 110mm
    • Overall dimensions 295mm x 295mm x 75mm
  • High Lift Jack Handle Holder (HU1010H)
    • Secures jack handle safely when not in use
    • Prevents rattling during trips
  • High Lift Jack and Shovel Holder (HU1042)
    • Stores your high lift jack and shovel safely and securely
    • Allows for easy access
    • Adjustable mounts to suit most makes of roof racks and cages
    • Easy to install and adjust

Thunder Recovery Gear

Additional recovery gear can be purchased separately. Also there is an upgraded snatch strap also.

  • 15,000kg Snatch Strap (TDR04002)
  • Equaliser Strap (TDR04007)
  • 10m Winch Extension (TDR04009)
  • 9,000kg Snatch Block (TDR04004)

Thunder Recovery Kit (TDR04010)

The perfect starter pack for anyone contemplating winching or snatching recoveries. All parts can also be purchased individually.

Contained within a heavy duty storage bag is:

  • 8,000kg Snatch Strap (TDR04001)
  • 10,000kg Tree Trunk Protector (TDR04008)
  • 2 x 4,700kg Bow Shackles (TDR04005)
  • Pair of gloves (TDR04011)

The snatch strap is rated to 8,000kg and is made of the highest quality nylon webbing. This has been independently tested to at least 15% above their rated breaking strengths. Features heavy duty reinforced stitching, a red centre flag and protective Neoprene sleeves on each end.

The tree trunk protector is a must for anyone doing any winching as it not only protects the tree from being ringbarked, but will also protect the winch rope from damage.

The bow shackles  are also an essential item when recovering vehicles, as they form a safe and secure
attachment to the recovery points on a vehicle, tree trunk protector or winch extension.

Hulk 4x4 Recovery Tracks - Pair (HU1000B)

HULK Recovery Drag Chain (HU1032)

Thunder Winch &Recovery Damper (TDR04003)

Thunder Digital Tyre Deflator (TDR04013)

Thunder 4,700kg Recovery Hitch Receiver (TDR04006)

Thunder Leather Recovery gloves (TDR04011)

Hulk Folding Shovel (HU1041)

Hulk Folding Saw (HU1040)

Thunder Bow Shackle 4,700kg (TDR04005)

Jaylec Tyre Repair Kit (TO9203)

Repair strings/rope refill packs also available (TO9203-R)

60L Thunder Fridge/Freezer (TDR02101)

Whether you’re taking a road trip, camping or simply spending the day on the beach you need to be able to keep your food fresh and drinks ice cold.

Holding up to 60 standard cans, Thunder’s portable Fridge/Freezer is all about providing accessible food on your next escape.

With divided compartmental storage, the unit is Wi-Fi enabled (via Thunder Fridge Controller app) for convenient temperature control and has a two way opening lid for easy access. Throw in an incorporated bottle opener and LED interior light and you’re set for the weekend.

Powered by 12/24 volt or 240 volt, this multi-volt Fridge/Freezer is highly efficient with low energy consumption. 3 Year Warranty, and even comes with an ice tray.

  • 60L Portable Fridge
  • 12/24 volt and 240volt
  • Can hold up to 60 x 375mL cans
  • Low noise, low power consumption compressor
  • LED interior Light
  • LED Display screen and 2.4amp USB outlet
  • Reversible quick release lid
  • Strong retractable handles (double as tie downs)
  • Tough Aluminium and ABS housing
  • Built in bottle opener
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Weighs 26kg when empty
  • See the brochure here

Thunder 60L Fridge Insulated Cover (TDR02101C)

Protect and insulate your Thunder 60L Fridge/Freezer from the elements with this hard-wearing cover.

Using the cover improves thermal efficiencies and easily fits the Thunder 60L Fridge/Freezer.

This product is sold separately.

Thunder Fridge Tie Down Straps (TDR04015)

Need a way to secure your fridge? Now Thunder can make sure your fridge is fastened securely to your vehicle with this pair of tie down straps. 

Thunder 23L Drawer Fridge (TDR02100)

There’s nothing better than accessible cold drinks on a weekend escape.
Whilst portable fridges and coolers can be useful, their size can sometimes make them cumbersome and difficult to transport.
The Thunder 23L Fridge Drawer is designed to utilise existing compartments found in camper trailers and vehicles with sliding drawer systems. Supplied with five heavy duty dividers, the easy pull drawer can hold up to 30 standard cans and is powered by a 12/24V input.

Also suited for sleeper cabs in trucks, the Fridge Drawer is Wi-Fi enabled to allow convenient temperature control and includes a handy interior light and installation brackets.

  • 23L Drawer Fridge
  • Digital Display
  • Can hold up to approximately 30 x 375mL cans
  • Interior Light
  • Threaded mounting points to allow modular type fitment
  • Mounting tray and lug
  • Metal housing with moulded plastic and metal slide
  • Heavy duty dividers
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Weights 19.9kg when empty
  • See the brochure here.

Jaylec 'Professional Series' Portable Air Compressor (AC0150)

This unit is a high performance 12volt compressor ideal for 4x4's. It features;

  • Powerful 1/3hp (0.54kW) oil less motor
  • Automatic thermal cut out
  • 45amp manual reset circuit breaker
  • Easy to clean air filter
  • Soft grip handle
  • Metal sand tray with anti-vibration feet
  • Max air flow 160L/min
  • Max inflation pressure 150psi
  • Duty cycle of 20minutes @ 40psi
  • Weighs only 8.5kg
  • Overall dimensions (L x W x H) approx. 340mm x 160mm x 235mm
  • 5 year warranty

This unit comes with the following accessories:

  • 3 piece inflation nozzle set
  • Thumb lock valve quick connector
  • 4x4 tyre gauge
  • Heavy duty alligator clips on 2.4m lead
  • 8m hose
  • Carry Bag

This unitcomes with:

  • Air inflator/deflator with digital gauge
  • 8m air line with standard 3/8" fittings

Thunder Compressor with Air Tank (TDR17200)

When you need air, Thunder has the solution. This compressor can be removed from the tank and both components can be mounted separately (when room is an issue).

It features:

  • 6L Air Tank
  • 150L/min
  • Duty cycle of 30 minutes @40psi
  • 35amp working current
  • 45amp maximum working current
  • 105'C Overheat protection (in motor)
  • Pressure switch to keep tank full and not over pressurised

Thunder Lithium Jump Starter/Power Bank (TDR02011)

Weighing only 615g, the Thunder Jump Starter is a compact but powerful power supply.

Producing 600 cold crank amps, its three 3.7A/4.2V lithium cells has a capacity of 18,000 milli ampere hours. Not only can this restart a V8 engine, it is powerful enough to:

  • Jump start a small capacity car up to 40 times
  • Charge a mobile phone approximately 10 times
  • Supply power to a laptop for up to six hours

The Thunder Jump Starter comes with three common phone charger cables, eight popular laptop connections, a 12V 10A power socket and even a built in torch. Portable power has never been so accessible.

Easy to use and recharge, the Thunder Jump Starter can be charged from either 12 or 240 volt systems, such as the car or at home prior to use, making it the perfect companion for travelers, campers and adventurers.

See the user manual here.

Previous TDR02001 WeekenderModel shown Above

Thunder Battery Box AC/DC (TDR02007)

This battery box is handy for camping or when your vehicle does not have room for a permanent mount dual battery system. 

This box suits lead acid, calcium, AGM and Gel type batteries (battery not included).

The Thunder Battery Box provides 12 volt and 240 volt power for common devices and appliances, acting as a dual battery system to manage solar and in-vehicle charge. Featuring a 7 stage smart charger to maintain battery condition, the unit is compatible with leading vehicle batteries, including Lead Acid, Calcium, Gel and AGM up to 130Ah in size. Setting up the Battery Box is simple, with a step-by-step guide that helps you select your type of battery, remembers the last battery you used, and will warn you if there’s a fault during charge.

  • 7 stage,  7 amp,  240v built-in smart charger
  • 240v output via built-in 300watt modified sine wave inverter
  • Built-in solar regulator
  • 50amp Anderson plug
  • Accessory sockets
  • USB Socket
  • Built-in circuit breaker protection

Weight: 4.62kg (excluding battery)
External dimensions: 240mm (W) x 440mm (L) x 327mm (H)
Internal dimensions: 180mm (H) x 330mm (L) x 238mm (H)

Using a Thunder DC-DC Charger (TDR02020) optimises the charge rate to the battery box when used semi-permanent in the vehicle (recommended).

Thunder ActionCam (TDR17011)

When adventure calls, capture the moment!

  • WiFi connectivity
  • 1080p full HD video
  • 12mp still camera with wide angle lens
  • Waterproof to 30m
  • Includes 11 mounts/clips

Capture every moment of your weekend escape with a high definition, adaptable sports action camera. Boasting 1080P, WiFi connectivity for iOS and Android, USB/HDMI connections, 170° wide angle lens, multiple mounting brackets, 240 and 12 volt charging leads and a housing that’s waterproof to 30 metres, the Thunder Cam offers everything you need to capture those unforgettable moments. 

Using a 32GB micro SD card (not included) as its main memory source, you can even mount it upside down and
run a loop program for use as an in-car dash camera.

See the user manual here.

Thunder Camping Strip Light Kit (TDR08601)

Temporary or semi-temporary LED lighting perfect for camping or outdoor use.

  • 12V
  • 840 lumen output (2 lights x 420 lumens)
  • 60 LEDs (30 per light)
  • 8A fuse rating with 1.2A power draw
  • IP67 rating on lights (not switch)

Versatile camp lighting should be easy to use, pack away conveniently and not fail at the first hint of rain.

Thunder work lights have been tested to exceed IP67, meaning they are independently assessed to be dust tight and water tight when submersed up to 1 metre. Cable ties, hook & loop fasteners and metal mounting clips provide a range of installation options, while the two-way splitter and quick-connect cables ensure the lights can be positioned to suit your site.

Additional/Replacement strip lights available (TDR08602)

Thunder Deep Dish Rubber Front Floor Mats (TDR06014)

  • Hard wearing rubber construction
  • Universal fit
  • 800mm x 500mm
  • Designed so that they can be cut down to suit your vehicle

Thunder Deep Dish Rubber Rear Floor Mats (TDR06015)

  • Hard wearing rubber construction
  • Universal fit
  • 500mm x 500mm
  • Designed so that they can be cut down to suit your vehicle

Thunder "Off Road" LED Headlight Globes

Thunder now do LED headlight globes! These globes (designed for off road use) retrofit into a lot of headlights. If you are wanting a very white light, these are the globes for you. 

We have some of our customers use these for their high beams only, when the vehicle has separate high beam globe/lamp setup.

Available in:

  • H1 (TDR08H1)
  • H3 (TDR08H3)
  • H4 (TDR08h4)
  • H7 (TDR08H7)
  • H8/9/11/16 (TDR08H8)
  • HB3 (TDR08HB3)
  • HB4 (TDR08HB4)
                                  H4 Globe Set Shown

Thunder Dry Bag (TDR17300)

Keep your valuables dry and safe on your water adventures with this dry bag. Thunder’s portable PVC Dry Bag is made of tough and durable material that will survive extreme conditions in the outdoors, so you know the heavy duty bag is keeping all your valuables safe and is extremely easy to carry around.

  • 35L capacity
  • Tough welded seams
  • Folding lock system
  • Multipurpose storage applications
  • Heavy duty reinforced PVC

Thunder LED Head Torch (TDR08301)

This handy head torch can be handy when working on your vehicle or even camping.

The unit features:

  • 3 watt Cree LED with adjustable beam
  • 150 lumens
  • Powered by 3x AAA batteries (not included)
  • Adjustable elastic head strap