At Custom Auto Electrics, we stock Australian Made Century batteries for our standard range. We use Century as they are made to a high standard and are very reliable. We also offer GS Yuasa in this range for customers requirements.

After extensive testing, Century's battery range (the majority) have changed to sealed Maintenance Free! The only Australian battery range also boasts the Labyrinth lid technology, which is a spill proof double lid to assist in reducing water loss, promoting longer battery life.

When our customers demand serious power, we also can supply Optima AGM batteries.

Some of our battery range include:

  • Standard Lead Acid
  • Deep Cycle
  • AGM
  • Gel
  • Marine
  • SIS Active
  • Katana and Yuasa Powersports motorcycle batteries
  • VRLA

We are also a Century Batteries Recycling Centre. Any of your old batteries can be dropped off to us, and we (through Century Yuasa Batteries) will get them recycled for you, free of charge.

Batteries require regular maintenance and inspection. This allows the battery to work at its optimum and last longer. 
See our information here.

For more information about batteries for you vehicle, please contact us and we can help you choose the right battery for your application.

Century Standard Battery Range

1. Cast Plate
The cast plate design has lower internal resistance promoting superior starting power, improved vibration resistance and provides longer service life.
2. Enhanced Plate Paste
Enhanced paste formulation reduces water loss and improves charge acceptance for superior performance and longer life.
3. Expanded Grid Design
The expanded grid has uniform strength for improved corrosion resistance.
4. Separators
Separator improves electrolyte dispersion for enhanced performance and power.
5. Flame Arrestor
The integrated flame arrestor protects the battery from explosion due to external system resources.
6. Mud Rack
Mud rack container design improves plate support providing greater vibration resistance.
7. Polypropylene Case
Reinforced design provides durability to withstand shock and vibration.
8. Carry Handle
Ergonomic design provides a thicker grooved carry handle to ensure comfort.
9. State of Charge Indicator
Built-in state of charge indicator for on the spot diagnosis of battery condition.
10. Cast on Strap
Thicker cast on strap ensures durability and lower electrical resistance to promote longer battery life.
11. Labyrinth lid technology
Spill proof double lid to assist in reducing water loss promoting longer battery life.

Century AGM

Century Deep Cycle AGM batteries are the ultimate in deep cycle technology and performance.
    Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM) technology acts as a sponge like material to suspend loose electrolyte within highly porous glass fibre mat separators.  This eliminates the hazards associated with acid spills or leaks, whilst the sealed Maintenance Free design avoids the need for regular topping-up of electrolyte.
    Century Deep Cycle AGM batteries have low internal resistance and low self-discharge rates, enabling faster recharge and longer shelf life.  When fully charged, they can be stored for extended periods of time and conveniently recharged using a range of AGM compatible chargers with temperature compensation if installed in a high heat environment. 
    Ideal for use in applications where fast recharge, improved vibration resistance and superior deep cycle performance is required.

Optima Batteries

The Optima Battery range requires nil maintenance and is 100% spill proof thanks to its sealed case and valve regulated design.

The patented SPIRALCELL TECHNOLOGY™ makes this the perfect battery to deliver a strong burst of starting power when you need it and to run extensive electric systems for deep cycle applications.

Optima batteries are up to 15 times more resistant to vibration than a conventional battery. These are also resistant to heat as they can still be fitted under a bonnet of a vehicle.

Optima REDTOP™ is your high performance starting AGM battery.

Optima YELLOWTOP™ is your high performance dual-purpose Deep cycle and starting AGM battery.

Optima BLUETOP™ is your high performance marine AGM battery. Similar to the YELLOWTOP™, this is the choice of boat owners who want a battery that can deliver time after time under all conditions.