Battery Chargers

Here at Custom Auto Electric, we have a range of battery chargers to suit your needs.

With quality brands such as Thunder, Ctek, and Noco, we have you covered.

With many different sizes available, please contact us and we can find the right charger for your needs.

Thunder Battery Charger Range

Keep your vehicle's battery charged and ready for action with Thunder's comprehensive range of intelligent battery chargers. Available in 4A, 6A, 8A, 12A, 20A and 30A versions. For use with 12V vehicles 240V input 8 stage charge ideal for Gel, Calcium, AGM and Lead Acid, with a fully automatic charge sequence. Thunder chargers work on an 8 phase charging program which allows for the identification of faulty batteries, preserves the life of your battery and ensures maximum sequence. The 20A and 30A models come with the added function of a power supply mode, allowing you to power 10A or 15A devices, respectively, at 13.7V.

Custom Auto Electrics' choice in battery chargers, with the 12amp unit being our most popular choice.

  • TDR02104 - 4amp
  • TDR02106 - 6amp
  • TDR02108 - 8amp
  • TDR02112 - 12amp (highly recommended)
  • TDR02120 - 20amp
  • TDR02130 - 30amp

Ctek Battery Charger Range

Ctek has become one of the most well know battery charger. With outstanding performance in a compact unit, boasting multi-stage charging.6 and 12volt units available.

With a ranges from 0.8A-25A, Ctek has you covered.

Noco Battery Charger Range

Noco has some quality battery chargers in their Genius range. These multi-stage chargers come in 6v/12v, 12v/24v and 12v/16v/24v combos.

These chargers range from 0.75A, 1.1A, 3.5A, 7.2A, 15A and 26A models.