If you are on a mine site, a pilot vehicle or do emergency work, a beacon is a must have item. We supply and fit a variety of different styles and brands including; Ecco, Narva, Qvee, Hella, Britax,OEX and more.

We recommend the use of LED beacons over standard Halogen for reliability and output. 
Beacons come in 3 SAE classes, and various industries will require a specific class of beacon to be used.

  • Class 1; Suitable for Work Sites with Live Lanes -Brightest
  • Class 2; Minimum for worksites - Minimum
  • Class 3; Not suitable for outdoors or daytime applications - Indoor

Below are some of our most commonly used beacons. Please note: this page is still currently in development.

Ecco Multi-voltage Fixed Mount LED Beacon (Class 1) - ACX2375

One of the most popular LED beacons we have used due to its excellent efficiency and output. 
LED Hybrid technology provides a high intensity rotating warning signal with no gears, brushed or globes to wear out. Eight 3W LEDs combined with a TIR optic produce an exceptionally bright warning beam. Polycarbonate lens feature a UV hard coasting to greatly reduce cracking hazing abrasion and fading. 

  • IP67 Rated
  • Current Draw - 1.7amps
  • Weight - 8.62kg

QVEE Multi-voltage Slimline LED Beacon (Class 1) - QRB250

This unit is a very slim low profile design. Like most light vehicles, height restrictions can be an issue when mounting emergency lighting. This unit provides a solution to this problem without reducing lighting performance. 

  • IP67 Rated
  • 2000 Lumens – 40watt
  • 40 High Powered LED’s
  • 20 Different Flash Patterns Polycarbonate Lens
  • 251mm x  147mmx 46mm

Also available QRB250M. This unit is similar except it has a magnetic base for temporary mounting.

ECCO Multi-voltage5280 Series RotoLED Twin Amber Beacon (Class 1) - ACX2380)

The 5280 Series RotoLED™ Minibar combines all the benefits of the latest LED’s with the unmistakable warning signal of a rotator, without compromising reliability. LED hybrid technology uses a brushless magnetic drive system to spin the reflector disk, reducing noise and eliminating the typical motor/gear drawbacks associated with conventional rotators. Each hybrid module also features eight 3-watt LED’s and TIR optic to provide SAE Class 1 light output. Additional benefits include an extended, service free life, low current draw and a 5 year warranty.

  • Current Draw - 3.4amps
  • IP 67 Rated
  • 120FPM per hybrid module/360 total FPM

Qvee Multi-voltage Double Row Amber LED Beacon (Class 1) - QVRB162

Small sized LED Beacon with fixed mount.

  • 1500 Lumen
  • IP 67 Rated
  • Multiple Flash Patterns
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • 100mm x 162mm

Magnetic base also available QVBR162M

Narva Optimax Halogen Amber Beacon (Class 1) - 85650A

A great quality Narva fixed base beacon. This is an entry level beacon and is economical inprice. Add either a 12 or 24volt H1 globe to operate.

  • Current draw - 4.4amps (12 volt)
  • Current draw - 2.6amps (24 volt)
  • IP56 Rated
  • 180 FPM
  • Polycarbonate Lens
  • Weight - 0.6kg

Lenses can also be purchased separate (85691)

Britax 420 Series Twin Amber Beacon (Class 1)

The classic "Peanut" shaped halogen beacon. This unit can be purchased as either a 12 or 24volt unit, fixed base or vacuum suction/magnetic base.

  • Current Draw - 9.2amps (12 volt)
  • Current Draw - 6amps (24 volt)
  • 160 FPM
  • Polycarbonate Lens
    Twin Rotator with flat mirror
  • Belt driven
  • 1.9kg

420-00-12V : 12volt fixed base
420-00-24V : 24volt fixed base
424-00-12V : 12volt suction/magnetic base with 3m cable with cigarette lighter end
424-00-24V : 24volt suction/magnetic base with 3m cable with cigarette lighter end