Here at Custom Auto Electrics, we are an official Black Knight® GPS reseller and installer.

These premium GPS trackers are designed to fit almost any automotive application. These units can be installed on a 12 or 24 volt system (reduces to 5v) and are suited for cars, caravans, motorcycles and trucks etc. These units are ideal for individuals or fleet management. When you are looking for a premium quality GPS tracker for your "Pride & Joy" or fleet, Black Knight® means business.

If you have a fleet with  Black Knight® units, all vehicles can be tracked the see where the vehicles are at one time.

These units can be tracked and connected instantly via your PC, Laptop, Tablet, ipad or even smartphone simply via a free web app and smartphone app. To track your vehicle, this requires a low monthly or annual subscription payable directly to Black Knight®. Transmission between device, server and Smartphone, iPad, tablet or PC is by way of data only, avoiding relatively expensive text messaging, and is permanently live.

The semiconductor chip in all Black Knight® devices is built in by the manufacture and cannot be removed (unlike trackers with a sim card), making it the most secure and simple tracker on the market. Each semiconductor chip also has a unique number.

To turn on your Black Knight®, you firstly need to install the unit and connect the installation cable to the vehicle. Now the unit can be registered and activated. To activate, you can use the smartphone app directly (or via the Black Knight Website), all details are provided with your new Black Knight®. During this activation is when you will need to pay for your subscription (via card). Please note, activation/registration is not always instant, it may take several minutes to initialise. Once these steps have been completed, and the device senses movement, LED lights will appear on the unitindicating communication with GPS satellites and telecommunication towers.

The Black Knight® unit remains in sleep mode, until any movement is triggered by the internal sensor. When movement occurs, you can immediately see the GPS unit moving on your screen/smartphone app in real time, with excellent accuracy in any corner of world where it can receive signals from telecommunication towers and GPS satellites. Black Knight® is in constant contact with satellites, providing extremely accurate real-time GPS positioning every 15 seconds. This system also will not interfere with the electronics found in modern vehicles.

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Each unit comes with:

  • Black Knight® GPS Tracker
  • Registration Card
  • Instruction Manual
  • USB Charging Cable
  • Velcro Fastener
  • Installation Cable


  • Real-time tracking via Smartphone, iPad, Tablet or PC
  • 12 months travel history through Playback
  • Fleet management option within standard software
  • Geofence feature - alert to mobile and e-mail if breached
  • Power disconnect feature - alert to mobile and e-mail if disconnected from unit’s power source
  • Speed limit feature - alert to mobile and e-mail if exceeded
  • Compact size  
  • Easy 2 wire installation
  • Instant real-time mapping
  • Quick registration and activation
  • Low-cost fixed monthly connectivity
  • Instant global roaming (conditions may apply)
  • Internal Lithium-ion back-up Battery
  • Sealed unit, no sim card required
  • Insurance benefits (ask your insurer about Black Knight® being installed and activated on your vehicle)
  • Can be removed from vehicle and fitted to a replacement vehicle
  • Can be installed into old or new vehicles

Black Knight® Z3

This is the current model GPS tracking device from Black Knight®.

This has replaced both first generation Z9 and Z15 models. It also has replaced the second generation Z11 model. This small compact unit has all the features as stated above and is highly recommended by Custom Auto Electrics.

Approximate Dimensions: 69mm x 35mm x 1m

Black Knight® X3

This unit is best suited for fleets and it replaces the first generation X1 unit. To install, simply plug the Black Knight® into your vehicle's OBD port. 

As this unit is a direct plug in installation, there is no extra wiring harnesses, chargers, covers or fasteners required with this unit.

Black Knight® Air

The newest release from Black Knight®, is the Black Knight® Air. Still not officially launched, but this is the answer to international travellers and the like.

The Black Knight® Air is about the size of an iPhone 6 with a very similar shape. It has a built-in Lithium-ion battery and the ability to programme the tracking.

Programmable tracking means that you can have the unit track in increments (eg. every 1/2 hr, 15 minutes etc) or live. By programming the tracking, this means that the internal battery can last a lot longer. Excellent for the international traveller.

This unit has not yet been released. More information available upon request.