Fuel System Maintenance

Custom Auto Electrics now stock F-10
total system maintenance
by ICT (Industrial Chemical Technologies).

F-10 is an all in one fuel treatment.

F-10 Fuel Treatment is quickly becoming the fuel additive of choice for solving all fuel related problems. ICT has been solving fuel related problems for more than fifteen years. F-10 has the ability to treat all types of fuel including diesel, petrol, two-stroke, bio-fuels and bio-fuel blends such as e-10 and e-85 and methanol. F-10 is safe to use and safe to store. It is Non-Flammable and can be stored safely on board cars, trucks, boats or ships.

  • Cleans the entire fuel system from storage tanks to combustion
  • Removes water and algae and bacterial contamination
  • Cleans injectors and keeps them clean, allowing for better combustion and better responsiveness
  • Reduces harmful exhaust emissions and clears black smoke
  • Dissolves waxes and varnishes found in diesel fuel
  • Protects all metal components against corrosion. It will also protect metal fuel tanks against corrosion, extending the usable life of plant and equipment and storage tanks
  • Stabilises fuel for long periods and is ideal for farm machinery, back up generators, boats and vintage cars where fuel is often left for extended periods in tanks
  • Protects Injectors against poor quality fuel, particularly important in Common Rail Diesel
  • Great for vehicles with Diesel Particulate Filters
  • Suitable for use in all new, late model and older vehicles (Fuel Injected or carburettor)
  • Perfect for Hybrid cars and Hybrid taxis where fuel is often left in the tank for extended periods
  • Keeps fuel fresh for longer and keeps the fuel system clean.
  • Economical (1L of F-10 treats up to 4,000L of fuel

In our opinion F-10 is the best fuel additive on the market today. F-10 delivers what it promises.

Available in 200ml, 1L, 5L or 20L containers.