We stock a vast range of automotive globes to suit a large range of vehicles. We specialise in Philips globes as we are a  Philips Lighting Specialist, and we do not want to compromise on quality. We include signal globes, interior, headlight and headlight upgrade globes in our range.

We keep a huge range of 12 volt signal lamp globes and interior light globes. This includes types such as various bayonet, wedge and festoon globes. Variations  including coloured/amber globes are part of our range.

The amount of different styles of headlight globe has become larger over the years. This is due to the ever increasing amount of car models and manufacturers with varying shapes and styles of headlights. That being said, we have kept expanding our standard headlight globe range to compensate for the changes. We will continue to update our range as is necessary. Some of our 12 volt headlight globe range includes: H4, H7, H1, H3, H9, H11, H27,HB3, HB4, and HB5.

As us about the various upgrade globes and LED conversions to suit your vehicle.