Reverse Camera & Caravan Camera Components

At Custom Auto Electrics we have repaired & replaced a range of camera systems and/or components. Below is a listing of our most common components.
We do not have a "kit" as such, however, with our components these can be made into a complete system.

This is our own range of imported cameras, monitors and accessories. Please note these are all AV types and all are 12 volt systems only.


Number Plate Mount Reverse Camera (NVCAM)

Our most commonly used camera. This unit bolts directly onto the number plate giving you a central rear view.

Universal Reverse Camera (NVCAM2)

This is a universal mount camera. When a number plate camera cannot be utilised, this is the unit we use.

Universal Truck/Caravan Camera (NVCAM3)

This unit is commonly used on the back of a caravan. It can be mounted high to cover a larger area than a standard reverse camera.


5" Mirror Monitor (MMON)  

This monitor simply clips over the existing rear view mirror. When the vehicle is not in reverse, it works as per your standard mirror. When placing the vehicle in reverse, the centre of the mirror turns into a 5" colour screen.

Monitor comes with a long length of (M to M) AV cable.

4.3" Windscreen Mount Monitor (CMON)

This monitor is generally used for a caravan/trailer mounted camera. It mounts via suction cup to your windscreen. This can be easily removed when not required.

Monitor comes with alonglength of (M to M) AV cable.


AV Cable Joiner (AVJ)

When you need to add another cable to the standard AV cable, this joiner (F to F) will allow another standard AV cable to join to it.

AV Connectors

These connectors are used to connect to 4 core camera cable to connect to a AV camera or replace a faulty AV end.

Available in both male or female.

  • Male: AV-m
  • Female: AV-f

DC Power Lead (DC-pwr)

This lead is used to replace faulty dc power leads for AV style cameras. It is also used to connect to 4 core camera cable to connect to an AV camera.

AV Cable Splitter (AVsplit)

This splitter cab be used in conjunction with an on-on (DPDT) switch to a single monitor.

We have used this with an aftermarket stereo with reverse camera input only. In this instance, the splitter allows both camera to inputs to connect to the monitor. The switch then turns on the individual cameras.
Eg. Switch Position 1: reverse camera on vehicle (when reverse gear operated), or
Switch Position 2: secondary (caravan) camera on permanently (with key on).

AV Extension Cable

We can supply AV cable in two sized lengths. These are used to extend the standard AV cable when required. This AV cable is M to F.

  • 1.2m - MX122AV
  • 5m - MX522AV

4 Core Camera Cable (CABc04)

This is used to extend or run new camera/power cabling (generally on caravans). This is used to run power and video.

Supplied in minimum lengths of 1 meter.

GX12 Style Plugs

Coming soon...
Some aftermarket systems utilise GX12 style 4 pin plugs. We use these to modify systems to adapt different cameras. We can also use the male plug as a connector to a caravan.

The male plug also has an option for a metal cap (for outdoor use, car to caravan connection).

GX12 style Female Plug - CGX12F
GX12 style Male Plug - CGX12M
GX12 style Metal Cap - CGX12C

4 Pin Plug & Socket

We have been utilising this plug for years when we have had to modify aftermarket systems. We use standard AV cable or 4 core camera cable and modify it to suit the plug. The plug is genuine Hella. This was the alternative for the above GX12 style plugs before they were a common item.

These plugs are originally made for marine applications. They are chrome plated and the socket (vehicle side) has a weatherproof cap to keep it clean when not is use. The plug and socket push together and then screw to keep a tight connection.

  • Socket - 2744 
  • Plug - 2745