Rotating Electrical

We can supply and fit quality new starter motors and alternators for almost any make and model vehicle. For most vehicles, they are identical to the original, and a lot of the time made by the same manufacturer. 

These units are the same or better quality as the original and carry 24 or 36 month* warranties with the manufacturer.

For obsolete units that do not have a replacement option, we can rebuild your existing unit* back to new condition.

*Conditions apply.

In some instances, there are options to run higher output "upgraded" alternators. Early model Holdens & Fords are a very easy modification by running a larger cable to the unit. Modern vehicles are limited and do not always have any upgrades. Where an upgrade is available, some may require wiring modifications.  Some examples are:

  1. Holden Rodeo (4ZE1 engine) has 55amp alternator, upgrade available to 80amps.
  2. Toyota Prado (1KZ-TE engine) has 70amps alternator, upgrade available to 130amps.
  3. Toyota Landcruiser (1HZ engine has 80amps alternator, upgrade available to 110amps or to a monstrous 240amps {see below}.

We can also supply continuous duty solenoids where the original starter motor did not have a built in unit. This includes Lucas style solenoids (E52-0021) for English vehicles with built-in push button.

As the range of alternators & starter motors is so huge, we will not list them on our website. We will however, show our recommendations in a small range to suit vehicle enthusiasts to give some idea of the products available. There are other styles available.

Starter Motor suit Holden V8(BXS0107)

This starter motor is to suit the Holden V8, 253 & 308 only. This Hitachi style unit is high torque, reduction gear and can be rotated to multiple angles. Its only downfall is the rotatable part which may require dismantling of the unit*.

(*to be confirmed by supplier/manufacturer)

Starter Motor suit Chev V8  (70-0101)

This unit is also Hitachi style with a rotatable nose. This can be easily rotated to the desired angle without disassembly of the unit. It is also a gear reduction, high torque starter motor.

Starter Motor suit Ford V8 (70-0008)

This unit replaces the old "clapper" type starter motor. It is a high torque, reduction geared unit also. It does require modification to the wiring harness and battery cable to suit (as clapper type does not have its own solenoid). Manual transmission vehicles will require the original spacer.

Spacer suit Manual Transmission (60-0008)

When you have a manual transmission and you have not got the original spacer, this spacer is required for correct alignment to the flywheel.

Starter Motor suit Ford V8 (SNB162) with spacer

This is an alternative Bosch style unit which also replaces the "clapper" type starter motor. This unit also comes with the spacer (if you have a manual).

Starter Motor suit Holden 6cyl (70-1006)

This unit will replace the old bulky Bosch starter motor. It is high torque, reduction geared and when the vehicle has extractors it can be removed from the vehicle without having to unbolt the extractors.

Starter Motor suit Ford 6cyl (70-1008)

This is a high tourque, reduction geared starter motor to suit Falcon 6 cylinder engines. This will fit all Falcon 6cyl from 1965-2004.

Universal 120amp Alternator (BXA002)

This universal alternator  boasts a huge 120amps. We highly recommend this unit to replace your standard low output alternator. It looks exactly like the Bosch unit it replaces. Simple & standard 2 wire hookup (battery positive and warning light), will directly fit Holden, and will fit Ford or others with suitablespacers.

85amp Alternator suit Ford (BXF1238A)

Direct fit alternator to suit Ford with large mounting leg, no spacer required. This unit is a genuine Bosch and also has simple & standard 2 wire hookup (battery positive and warning light).

Universal 150amp High Output Alternators

When you require a very high output, these units will take care of you. Available in three different configurations and a massive 150amp output.

These unit will work with a warning lamp (standard 2 wire hookup) or can be installed as a single wire hookup where no alternator warning lamp is presenton the vehicle.

240amp Alternator suit Toyota Landcrusier (DXA4044U)

If you have a 79, 80 or 100 series Landcrusier with a 1HZ Diesel engine, there is a monstrous upgraded alternator available. This will suit a vehicle with active or inactive warning light circuit (changeable on rear of alternator to suit).

To upgrade to this alternator:

  • The charge circuit will need to be upgraded. This unit is supplied with the upgraded power cable.
  • Will also require fuse holder (ACX6530) and fuse (ACX6527BL ) to suit {sold separately}
  • Adaptor to suit HXK-30, HXK-22, HXK-17

110amp unit also available (DXA433U).

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