Solar Panels & Regulators

We supply and can install solar panels for your vehicle or even your caravan. We use quality Redarc Monocrystalline Solar Panels & Solar Regulators/Controllers and also Thunder Monocrystalline Solar Panels & Solar Regulators/Controllers.

We also have a range of accessory items which include Projecta solar Regulators/controllers, and also Battery Management in theform of a BatteryMonitor!

We get asked a lot about panel sizes and what is the best to use. As everyone's setup/usage is different this can be a tricky call. However, for most of our customers, we recommend an 80 watt panel as a good base line/starting point. Opting for a slightly larger regulator (20 amps or more) this allows you to easily add a second panel if so needed in future. If you are running quite a bit of gear, starting at a 150 watt panel may be the solution. Contact us and we can help you.

Solar by Redarc

Redarc standard monocrystalline flat panels are highly efficient with a robust design. A tempered glass coating and a sturdy aluminium frame ensure that these panels will withstand harsh road conditions and extreme weather conditions. Each panel is tested at time of manufacture to conform to CE standards, so you can be sure that the panel output is exactly as described in its specification. Also requires solar controller/regulator.


• Monocrystalline construction

• Strong Aluminium Frame

• Tempered glass coating

• Diode protected

• 5 year structural warranty

• 25yr/80% efficiency warranty 


50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel



Redarc SMR1080

80W Monocrystalline Solar Panel




120W Monocrystalline Solar Panel





150W Monocrystalline Solar Panel



RedarcPortable Fold Up Panel Kits

REDARC portable folding solar panel kits are designed to provide a complete solar charging solution for your house or auxiliary battery. They feature the fold up panel, 20 Amp solar controller/regulator (10 Amp for 90w panel), 5m of cabling, tent pegs and a strong nylon carry bag. The panel itself features reinforced aluminum legs, top quality hinges and latches and a fold-away handle.


• Reinforced aluminium legs

• Regulator included

• Tough nylon carry bag

• Quality cable assembly kit

• Tent peg to secure your panel

• Detailed wiring and setup instructions

• 25yr/80% efficiency warranty


90W  Monocrystalline  Portable Fold Up Solar Panel Kit 610x534x80mm (610x1076x35mm) open



120W Monocyrstalline  Portable Fold Up Solar Panel Kit 810x534x80mm (810x1076x35mm) open



150W Monocrystalline Portable Folding Solar Panel Kit 610x534x120mm (610x1630x35mm) open


Amorphous Solar Panels

Redarc thin film amorphous solar modules offer the latest in solar technology in a light weight, conveniently sized package. These thin film amorphous type solar modules are designed to provide high efficiency in a robust, flexible construction.  Rollable panels are backed with vinyl to protect against wear and tear and our folding panels are constructed using heavy duty canvas materials making them suitable for off-road and outback conditions. All Redarc amorphous pales are 18 volt, are 12 volt when regulated.


• Upgrade power output by linking panels together

• Flexible design

• Tough canvas backing material

• 2 year structural warranty

• 15yr/80% efficiency warranty


27W Amorphous Flexible Solar Panel




36W Amorphous Folding Solar Panel

55x155x385mm (775x1030mm) open



72W Amorphous Folding Solar Panel

60x280x390mm (775x1500mm) open


RedarcSAF1108 108W Amorphous Folding Solar Panel

60x280x390mm (1155x1840mm) open


Solar Panel Mounting Accessories

Redarc offers a range of accessories designed to make mounting and installing your solar panels as easy as possible. The ABS Plastic mounting system is simple and easy to install and fits any panel size in the Redarc selection. Corner mounts are designed to provide a stable mounting for any size of standard solar panel. Side mounts are designed for mounting multiple panels together. Spoiler mounts are designed to reduce any wind noise whilst travelling. The Aluminium mounting kit allows you to adjust the angle of your solar panels. Direct sunlight on your panels increases the amount of power they will produce. The cable glands make it easy to wire your solar panel setup into your Caravan, Trailer or RV with a sealed entry.

ABS Plastic Corner Mount Set: SMI9001

ABS Plastic Side Mount Set: SMI9002

ABS Plastic Spoiler Mount Set: SMI9003    

508mm Aluminium Panel Mounting Kit: SMI9004

712mm Aluminium Panel Mounting Kit: SMI9005  

Single Cable Gland for Solar Panel routing: SMC0001   

Double Cable Gland for Solar Panel routing: SMC0002  

Solar Panel Cable Adaptor: SRC0003-B1 

Used to connect solar panel cabling to an anderson plug. This also allows you to custom make cables (instead of pre made cables) to the specific size for your application without cutting off the plugs on your solar panel (which can void warranty).

RedarcSolar Control

These are the solar controllers on offer from Redarc. Depending on the panels you use determines which controller to use for your application.

REDARC solar regulators ensure that the power supplied by your solar panels is at the right voltage to charge your house or auxiliary batteries. Redarc regulators are suitable for charging up to two separate battery banks and come in both 10A and 20A models. These regulators come with an informative, user friendly remote monitor which allows you to keep track of what your solar panels are producing and the state of your battery. 


• Multi-stage charging

• Dual battery outputs

• LED indication

• Remote monitor (optional)

• Remote temperature sensor (optional)

• 2 year warranty


10amp Solar Regulator, Multi-stage, Two battery outputs and LED indication.

Redarc SRP0240

20amp Solar Regulator, Multi-stage, Two battery outputs and LED indication.

Redarc SRPA0120

10amp upgraded Solar Regulator with Anderson plug connectors.

(image courtesy of Redarc)

Redarc SRPA0240

20amp upgraded Solar Regulator with Anderson plug connectors.

(image courtesy of Redarc)

Redarc SRPA0360

30amp upgraded Solar Regulator with Anderson plug connectors.

(image courtesy of Redarc)

Redarc SRP0240-RM 

Remote Monitor Redarc solar regulators. 


Remote temperature probe for SRP0240 and SRP0120 regulators.

Solar by Thunder

Thunder solar panels are also Monocrystalline to provide maximum efficiency and longevity.

Ensure your campsite is powered as much as possible with the use of monocrystalline solar panels. Easy to set up, just find the best possible location for sun exposure, connect the battery to the Anderson plug and your battery will begin to charge.

Thunder TDR15001

50W Monocrystalline Solar Panel



Thunder TDR15002

80W Monocrystalline Solar Panel



Thunder TDR15003

120W Monocrystalline Solar Panel



Thunder TDR15004

150W Monocrystalline Solar Panel



Thunder Portable Fold Up Solar Panel Kits

Thunder has a range of portable solar panels for your next adventure. These unit come complete with cable and a solar regulator.

Thunder TDR15005

80W Monocrystalline  Portable Fold Up Solar Panel Kit 675x460x70mm (1350x460x35mm) open


Thunder TDR15006

160W Monocyrstalline  Portable Fold Up Solar Panel Kit 780x675x70mm (1350x780x35mm) open


Thunder TDR15007

240W Monocyrstalline  Portable Fold Up Solar Panel Kit 780x675x105mm (2340x675x35mm) open


Thunder Solar offer two solar regulators for their systems.  The basic 10amp and the big 30amp unit.

Thunder TDR15008

This regulator is a beauty, jam packed with features. These include:

  • Waterproof PWM regulator and battery monitor
  • Suitable up to 360watts
  • LCD monitor
  • Fully automatic
  • Low and high voltage disconnect
  • Suitable for wet-cell batteries only

Accessory &Other Items

Thunder Battery Monitor (TDR17012)

The Thunder Battery Monitor is can be an excellent asset for a caravans, mobile homes, RV's and even boats. It is an easy to use battery monitor that shows monitor time to empty, battery percentage, current draw, current inwards, and wattage usage. This 12V battery monitor is sophisticated and is designed to work with most 12 Volt Gel, Lead Acid, Lithium, Lithium Ion phosphate and Calcium batteries.

Designed for the working adventurer, Thunder products have been tested and developed to handle anything you can throw at them without breaking the bank.

Need the monitor further away from the battery source? There is a 1.5m extension cord also available -TDR17013.

  • Adjustable battery capacity (up to 590Ah)
  • Adjustable low and full voltage
  • Automatic backlight
  • Power-down memory capacity function
  • Fast response speed
  • Low power consumption, automatic wake/sleep
  • 150A shunt
  • 1.5m monitor cord
  • Easy to read LCD screen
  • Dimensions : 66 x 40 x 10mm


See the user manual here.


  • The remaining battery capacity (Ah or mAh)
  • The percentage of battery capacity
  • The battery voltage value
  • The battery input and output current value
  • The output power value
  • The charging and discharging time remaining

Nasa Compact Battery Monitor (BM-1 Compact)

This unit is similar to the above unit and can be an excellent asset for a caravans, mobile homes, RV's and boats. It is able to monitor the performance of any 12 Volt battery system with a capacity up to 600 AmpHours. It is supplied with a precision 100 Amp shunt and prefabricated cables. The unit continually monitors the voltage, the current (charge or discharge) and calculates the state of charge together with the time remaining to charge or discharge the battery. This information can lead to a more efficient use of the battery enhancing its life and reducing the risk of failure. Operation is very simple. One screen displays the voltage, current (charge or discharge) and a bar graph showing the remaining capacity. A flashing alarm is also included to warn if the capacity is getting too low. A second screen shows the remaining time available at the current charge/discharge rate together with the remaining capacity in both analogue and digital format.

It is not the cheapest, but a great asset.
{Special Order in}

  • Dimensions: 124 x 62 x23 mm
  • Current Draw 1.5mA

See the manual here.

Projecta Solar Regulator/Controller

Projecta offer a range of solar regulators to sit your needs. There are a few sizes available to suit different sized solar panels. Below is just one of the Projecta range. The big 45amp unit!

SC245 - 45amp multi-stage Solar regulator is a multiple chemistry unit which will allow you to charge Wet, AGM or Gel batteries. Capable of running up to 540watts of solar panels. it also has a built in temperature sensor, 2x 2.4amp USB ports and digital LCD screen.
One of the most functional solar regulators on the market.