Trico® authorised wiper expert

We believe in using quality and reliable products, that is why TRICO® is our choice in wiper related products. TRICO® has been the OEM fitment for many car for many years. For more than 90 years, TRICO® has been a global leader in wiper technology, providing reliable, innovative wiper blade products that come through at the moment you need them most.

TRICO® has the wiper products to fit your needs. Easy to install and designed to perform under the most extreme weather conditions, TRICO® wiper blades let you focus on what matters most – keeping you and your passengers safe. Whether you want to restore your vehicle back to its original performance , want maximum performance or live in an area with extreme weather conditions, TRICO® has the sizes and styles to fit more vehicles on the road than any other wiper system manufacturer.

Wiper blades or wiper refills?

The wiper blade is the section on the wiper arm that the rubber refill fits into. This means that the wiper blade is the superstructure, the wiper refill is the wiping element.

Over time, the wiper blade can become weak and cause streaking with the windscreen wiping process. Simply changing the refill will not overcome this problem. TRICO® wiper experts, like us, can check the blade before you replace any parts to determine if the blade requires replacement or if it is the refill.

If you have any of the above symptoms, these can be sorted by an authorised Trico wiperexpert.

Refills - TRICO® Premium

TRICO® Premium wiper blade refills (inserts) have set the benchmark for quality and performance for decades and are designed specifically for local conditions. Made from the highest quality 100% natural rubber treated with UV stabilisers. TRICO® Premium refills provide long service life and outstanding performance resulting in smooth operation. Quiet action, low drag, minimising those irritating wiper noises. The range includes; twin rail metal back,  and polycarbonate refills. At Custom Auto Electrics our choice is the twin rail metal back units  – which we keep in stock. The twin rail units are stronger and some people will say that they can be more difficult to fit.

Features and benefits:

Metal Refills
  • 100% natural compounded rubber element for great performance
  • Easy rail ‘snap-off’ marks, element able to be cut-to-length
  • Durable stainless steel support rails


TRICO® Ultra wiper blade assemblies are designed and built to meet or exceed the rigorous original equipment (OE) specifications of Australia’s automotive manufacturers. Every component has been designed with flawless performance and outstanding durability in mind; advanced aerodynamics reduce noise and wind lift, twin stainless steel inserts provide resistance to lateral flexing and the galvanised steel frame is engineered to last.

Custom Auto Electrics' first choice is wiper blade replacement. As these units also come with universal adaptors, so they will fit a large range of vehicles. On some older vehicles, the D.I.Y incluned may be able to "retrofit" new blades to older vehicles which had bolt-on or riveted-on blades.

Features and benefits:

  • Strong galvanised steel frame
  • Premium corrosion resistant EPD coating with 2-pack gloss paint finish
  • HighGlide™ treated extruded rubber element for a smoother, quieter wipe
  • Long life UV stabilised
  • Durable stainless steel support rails

Wiper BeamBlades - TRICO® Tech

TRICO® Tech is the next generation in flexible beam blade design, offering exceptional performance, durability & adaptability through the cleverly designed “SWIFT” easy connection technology.

All TRICO® Tech blades feature a UV stabilised, 100% natural rubber element which provides quiet operation and superior wipe quality. TRICO® Tech outshines all other blades in its category.

Features and benefits:

  • Prestigious contemporary frameless style
  • Patented innovative sprung steel beam
  • SWIFT® easy connection technology
  • HighGlide™ treated rubber element for a smoother, quieter wipe
  • Long life UV stabilised

TRICO® Vision Washer Additive

TRICO® original equipment formula as used by leading car manufacturers.

Features and benefits:

  • Removes bugs from windscreens
  • Ammonia free which won't damage paintwork
  • Stops windscreen smearing
  • Dissolves road grime
  • Reduces wear and tear on wiper blades
  • High performance concentrated formula

TRICO® Vision Glass Cleaner

TRICO® original equipment formula as used by leading car manufacturers.

Features and Benefits

  • Easy use streak free finish
  • Ammonia free safe on tinted glass*
  • Lightly fragranced to leave the interior smelling fresh
  • Economical large 750ml bottle

*Not recommended for use on faded, bubbling or scratched tint films.