LED Signal & Trailer Lamps

Here at Custom Auto Electrics we do a lot of work on utes and trailers. A popular upgrade is a LED conversion. Listed below is a few popular units.

We use brands such as: LED AutoLamps, Revolution, Low Voltage, Narva, Jaylec,Thunder and much more. Different combinations and types also available (including combination lamps without reverse, smaller sizes and also front & side clearance lights!).

We also have some Thunder LED interior lights for an excellent addition or upgrade to your caravan!

If we don't have it listed here, it does not mean we can't get it! Ask us about these and other great products today.


Revolution LED Multi-voltage Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse Combination Lamp (52-94010)

This unit is a universal fit and comes with its own mounting bracket and reflector. Can be used on left or right side by flipping the lamp and reflector.

Low Voltage LED Multi-voltage Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse Combination Lamp (LV0312)

Universal unit with built-in slim line reflectors, and is multi-voltage.

LED AutoLamps Multi-Voltage LED "Mini Jumbo" Stop/Tail/Indicator Reverse Combination Lamp (280ARWM)

The miniature version of the Jumbo lamps fitted to many trucks. Stick on reflectors come with lamp to make it roadworthy.

LED AutoLamps Multi-Voltage LED Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse Combination Lamp (275GARWM)

Another multi-voltage unit from LED AutoLamps, but this time no additions need to be made as they alreadyhave built-in reflectors.

LED AutoLamps Multi-Voltage Stop/Tail/Indicator/Reverse Secondary Combination Lamp (200BSTIRMB)

This lamp is a great addition to a vehicle with extra tail lights. These are generally used on top of utes or canopies as additional lamps due to their small size.


Jaylec 12v LED Stop/Tail/Indicator Combination Lamp (LS9010)

Excellent  trailer lamp. Has separate base and clip in lamp assembly, with built in reflector.

Low Voltage Multi-voltage Stop/Tail/Indicator Combination Lamp (LV0302B)

This has become our standard upgrade LED lamp for trailers. Most popular lamp and has built in reflector. 2 Year warranty

LED Autolamps 12v Stop/Tail/Indicator Combination Lamp (101BAR)

Similar to the unit listed above unit but is 12v only and issquare.

LED Autolamps Multi-voltage Stop/Tail/Indicator Combination Lamp (150BAR)

This lamp is LED Autolamp's most popular lamp. It is similar to the above rectangular unit but with a strong polycarbonate lens. It is also multi-voltage and boasts a lifetime warranty.

LED Autolamps Premium 12v Stop/Tail/Indicator Combination Lamp (100BAR)

This is similar to the above square unit but with a strong polycarbonate lens. It is also multi-voltage and boasts a lifetime warranty.

Narva Model 36 Submersible LED BoatTrailer Lamp Kit - 93642TP 

This is an awesome slimline unit designed for boat trailers. Comes with built in reflectors, number plate lamp (on one lamp) and 9 meters of hard wired cable (per lamp). The hard wired cable means that the entire rear of the trailer can be submersed without any hassles. The only join in the cable is at the front where it connects to your trailer plug. This is also good for the D.I.Y inclined.

Thunder Submersible LED Boat Trailer Lamp Kit - TDR06917

Similar to the above Narva unit but each lamp has a screw in connector to the main harness. It comes with three popular trailer plugs to choose from, is ADR compliant and has it's own built in reflectors.

Revolution 12v LED  Number Plate Lamp (52-90511)

One of our most popular due to it's price and traditional looks.

Narva Multi-Voltage LED Number Plate lamp (90862)

Great multi-voltage lamp, great output.

Thunder LED Interior Mirror Light (TDR08501)

Thunder LED mirror lights are a stylish addition to your caravan, camper or vehicle. The chrome fittings complement the mirror finish with the centre panel  acting as a multi-function touch switch.

  • 12 volts
  • 200mm x 90mm x 10mm
  • 16 LEDs
  • Current draw of 0.2 amps (low), 0.4 amps (high)

Thunder LED Interior Mirror Light (TDR08502)

This unit is almost the same as the above listing except for the sizing.

  • 12 volts
  • 180mm x 180mm x 10mm
  • 16 LEDs
  • Current draw of 0.02 amps (low), 0.72 amps (high)