Philips & J.W. Speaker

Master Lighting Specialist

Headlight Maintenance Program

The headlight maintenance program consists of three tasks.

Restore - Aim - Upgrade

Restoration of headlights will not only give your headlights a new look (like new) they will increase the clarity of the headlights beam.

The next process is to aim or align the headlight correctly. We use a professional machine which helps as get your headlights aimed correctly maximising the headlights output. We highly recommend this when upgrading your headlight globes.

Upgrading your headlight globes will give you better clarity and distance depending on the upgrade you choose. The upgrade globes fit directly into your headlight without any modifications  to the headlights or wiring whatsoever. 

Globes & Upgrades

As a Philips Lighting Specialist, we stock automotive globes for almost all applications. If we do not have it, we can get it for you.

The headlight upgrades come in a variety of different configurations and styles.                                                                 The most popular upgrades are the "Plus 100%" and the "Plus 130%". These not only give upgraded clarity, they also give you extradistance.                                                            Other upgrades include : "Plus 50%", "Blue Vision" "Crystal Vision"and "Diamond Vision".                                    

We also have LED headlight globe upgrades. These are not ADR approved but are becoming a popular upgrade, especially for off road vehicles. These are sold in kit form, are 12/24 volt and boast a massive 2,000 lumen output with colour rated at 6200k. These are available in the J.W Speaker brand.

See our display in store for a comparison of quartz halogen globes.

Other upgrades include LED to replace regular incandescent globes. These are not available for all types of globe or applicable to all types of vehicles.

Speaker Heavy Duty Lighting

We can supply your heavy duty equipment with some tough lighting from J.W. Speaker.

These lights are built tough for tough conditions.

Some of the range include sealed LED conversion headlights, HID worklights and much more.

If you want to learn more about the Speaker range, click here.