Specialty Horns

When you are looking for something "out of the ordinary" when it comes to vehicle horns, we can help you. If you are wanting electric, air horns or novelty horns we have a solution.

Along with our standard replacement range we can supply (& fit) an upgraded horn to suit your needs. Most of the units come with mounting hardware and a relay. Note: most vehicles DO NOT require the use of the relay when replacing your standard horns. This is due to the vehicle coming with a relay in the circuit as standard.

"Stebel" are top of the range, Italian made units. They have been around for many years and are the brand you can trust.

Below is a sample of some of the products we can provide for you. Click on the icons for a sound sample.

Stebel Magnum TM80/2 Twin tone Electric Horn Set

When you want to upgrade your car's horn to a true twin tone horn, but want to stick with an electric horn - this is for you.

The trumpet is made from tough Black ABS plastic, is 12 volt and has a maximum sound output of 139dB.

  • Voltage : 12 volt (24 volt optional)
  • Colours: Black
  • Sound output (min): ≥ 112dB
  • Sound output (max): ≥ 139dB

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Standard twin Trumpet Air Horns

These units are reliable and are the cheap upgrade for your horn. They come with twin trumpets, hose, compressor and relay.

Voltage : 12 volt

  • Colour: Red
  • Sound output (avg): ≥ 110dB - 115dB

Stebel Nautilus GPNT 12- B Standard Compact Two Tone Air Horn

This unit combines two trumpets and compressor in one. It makes the installation easier and neater. When space is limited this is a great option for you. This unit is 12volts and has a maximum sound output of 139 dB.

The unit comes with mounting bolts and relay.

  • Voltage : 12 volt (24 volt optional)
  • Colours: Red, Black or Chrome
  • Sound output (min): ≥ 115dB
  • Sound output (max): ≥ 139dB

{Black Unit In stock}

Vintage "AAH-OOH-GAH" /Klaxon Horn

Wanting the vintage sound of "Aahoohgah" when you press the horn button? This is the one. 

  • Voltage : 12 v
  • Colour: Black
  • Sound output (avg): 110dB

{Black Unit In stock}

Bull Horn

Want a novelty horn to sound like a cow? Well this is it.

  • Voltage: 12v
  • Colour: Red
  • Sound output (avg): 115dB
  • Lever Operated

Stebel Musical Air Horns

These units are made "for off road use only" as legality becomes an issue. These units are excellent quality and come in a variety of different tunes. Depending on the desired tune you order, it may come with two to six trumpets.

  • Voltage : 12 volts
  • Colour: Red
  • Sound output (min): ≥ 115dB

MP2 12-FP : France Police - 2 Horn 

MP3 12-CA : Cavalry Charge - 3 Horn 

MP4 12-CP : Call to the Post - 4 Horn 

MP4 12-JB : Jingle Bells - 4 Horn 

MP4 12-MN : Wedding March - 4 Horn 

MP4 12-SN : Strangers in the Night - 4 Horn

MP4 12-TQ : Tequila - 4 Horn 

MP5 12-CC : La Cucaracha - 5 Horn

MP5 12-DX : Dixie - 5 Horn 

MP5 12-RK : River Kwai - 5 Horn

MP6 12-IP : The Godfather - 6 Horn 

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